Who We Are

Renewable Energy Expertise

Apis Energy Group, LLC provides project origination and owner’s representation for the development of renewable energy, distributed generation and energy storage projects.  Whether your objectives involve interconnecting a utility-scale solar PV facility, integrating battery storage into a sustainable building operations plan, or ensuring reliability and stability in remote off-grid installations, Apis has the knowledge and experience to guide your project to success.

Apis’ mission is to deliver best value, high quality, project specific services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.  Our project management tools provide a winning combination of efficient team leadership with tasked stakeholder involvement helping our clients achieve predictable and repeatable results across enterprise-scale projects.  From engineering and technical knowledge to regulatory review, budget creation and scheduling, we have the skills and tools to help you achieve your renewable energy project objectives.

Why Apis?

In the words of founder, Seth Ginsberg...

Apis is the genus of the honeybee.  I raised bees for several years and found them to be incredibly fascinating.  Each member of their society instinctively “knows” the importance of creating, storing, saving & distributing their supply of energy.  Bees operate at an advanced level, creating their own reality- and shaping their future- with precise definition.  I chose Apis Energy for our name because, like the coordinated efforts of honeybees, Apis Energy Group brings together teams of people focused on making renewable energy, distributed generation and energy storage projects a central part of the world’s future.  The work we do today lays the foundation for a future built on an endless supply of clean, renewable energy.