Energy for Eternity

Owner Representation

Renewable Energy projects are complex. Critical details range from technical designs and utility applications to local use permits, incentive programs and specialized financing.  Project Stakeholders can quickly find themselves in unfamiliar territory, only to discover they have little experience with the myriad details involved in developing Distributed Generation or Renewable Energy projects, or in combining these technologies into more traditional construction projects.

Apis Energy Group helps bridge the knowledge gap. We cut through the confusion and provide building owners, facility managers and land development professionals with a clear understanding of the critical decisions required for their unique project. Then we back that up with guidance that enables our clients to make informed, timely decisions. Our knowledge base is both broad and deep, and our senior Management team has a combined experience of over 50 years in renewable energy development, corporate utility operations, and commercial construction management.

In addition to providing support during project planning and development, Apis Energy Group also offers ongoing facility management and DAS data management services.  Our goal is to ensure that each system operates at maximum efficiency, providing it’s owner with the highest possible return on their clean energy investment.  Through strategic partnerships with regional and global EPC firms, Apis offers O&M support for Solar PV, Wind, Co-Gen and Geothermal systems throughout the United States and the Caribbean.